Data Migration

Enlightening decision makers with high data quality and dependable data sources.

We are experts in migrating spreadsheet-based or informal data repositories to database systems to enhance data and information security, reliability, dependability and availability. Once data quality is systematically stabilized we create custom data analysis and report generation systems.

We solve common challenges in data collection systems such as:

  • Data type mismatch (an illogical date, a string where a number is expected, missing required entries, etc.)
  • Database changes tracking: who made what change, and when.
  • Simultaneous multiple table edits.
  • Multiple custom logical checks in data entry processes.

Our customizable data collection and management applications provide many advantages over common systems:

  • Communication with databases like MySQL, or SQL Server (among others), provide a secure environment for data.
  • Multi platform systems: Mac, Windows or Linux.
  • User authentication required for higher data quality and security.
  • Advanced Data Editor
    • Auto complete capability in input fields.
    • Required field enforcement before record saving.
    • Auto fill inherited values.
    • Record and save images and sound.
    • No data type mismatch errors.
  • Communication with other systems
  • Import/Export data (xls, csv, txt, etc.).
  • Highly customizable data editors.